The Wheel of Time Corrected

11 ways The Wheel of Time Episode 1 changed the first book completely

The Wheel of Time Episode 1 manages to muddle the first couple of chapters of the book quite oddly.

SPOILER ALERT – if you haven’t watched the first episode in the series this article will give spoilers as to what might happen during the episode.

I’m not sure why the script writers / screen writers chose such departures from the books. The Wheel of Time book 1 had a generally good starter chapters to get things going.

1: Rand and Egwene are not together – they want to be but it’s more of a heavy crush, a feeling, and certainly not about (implied) making love after doing the dishes.

2: Perrin isn’t married and certainly doesn’t kill his wife. It’s hard to understand why he needed a wife at all. Friged.

3: Matt doesn’t have younger sisters, a troubled mother or a wayward father. He does like to gamble though.

4: Lan and Moraine don’t share baths – that’s just weird.

5: In the books you’re not there for the sacking of the Two Rivers Village and Moraine doesn’t collapse the Inn after throwing rocks at anyone. She does fight them off but that is told after the event.

6: Nynaeve doesn’t disappear at the end of the battle. She is there helping heal people afterwards.

7: There is no acceptance of age or wisdom marking for Egwene, or river she jumps in to

8: Rand’s Dad gives him his Heron Marked (blade) sword before he leaves the Two Rivers. Moiraine tries to heal Rand’s Dad but he is still very sick when Rand leaves him behind at the Inn.

9: There are 3 Ta’vereen in the Two Rivers, not 4.

10: The Dragon Reborn is only ever referred to as a male (women have the power, this isn’t needed)

11: Finally – there is no sex, no kissing and no naked anything. Perrin tries to distract Faile with a kiss but not until book 4!

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